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Our resources are constantly being updated. We continually address typical buyer and seller questions to demystify this business and help you better understand how to turn your home into a profitable investment.

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  • Selling for a profit
  • How buyer agents can help you save money
  • How to sell your home for maximum profit even in a down market
  • How to buy your first home
  • What happens if I have bad credit
  • How to sell in a hurry
  • What did that home down the street just sell for?
  • How to make fast cash flipping houses
  • Are home prices going lower?

and more…

As one of our valued clients you may access the entire MLS database of available, sale pending and sold homes in the state of Connecticut.

Whether you are buying or selling (or both), we can help you with every step of your transaction. We can also connect you with the variey of professionals you need to help make this a smooth transaction. Attorneys, home inspectors, termite inspectors, mortgage brokers and contractors are just a phone call away.