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Here's Help, Not Hype

We won’t make promises we can’t keep. Inflating price opinions to obtain listings only wastes everyone’s time. If you are serious about moving, we can help.

At Home With Diversity

Broker certified in this program

and proudly display this designation.


Define what your needs are, then find the best opportunity.


Put a roof over your head, then find out how to own one.

Mortgage Money

Financing and leverage are a double-edged sword; borrow responsibly


Expose your property to the market and locate the perfect buyer.


Your property is an Investment in building Wealth; choose tenants carefully and ethically.

Affilated Professionals

We need a team of  realtors, attorneys, appraisers, home inspectors, contractors to play and win the Real Estate game.

Street Smart Real Estate

When You Talk, We Listen


Only Three Things Matter


Can you TRUST US

Over the years, hundreds of buyers and sellers have relied on our expertise to protect their interests while guiding them  through the complex process of transferring property ownership.

Do We Strive for EXCELLENCE

Our experience over the years in the Real Estate markets gives us a professional advantage.  We will do our best to help you from start to finish to help you accomplish your goals. Together, we can do this.


We are a Single Agency Company, representing only one party in a transaction. We promise to protect your best interests. Our reputation is important to us, and we appreciate the business of you, your friends, and your family.

What's Your Edge?

Without an edge we cannot hope to have successful real estate transactions. One size does not fit all. Despite huge improvements in technology making alternative solutions available, many people remain unaware of their choices.

Your Home is an Important Investment

Do you have the skills and time to locate Buyers or Sellers, negotiate,

do the paperwork, and keep your Emotions in check?


History of Success


Over the years, we have successfully helped hundreds of

Buyers and Sellers resolve their Real Estate needs.

Experience Matters


Some Agents are taught how to “Market” and Sell property.

Our hands-on experience building homes, developing subdivisions,

being a Landlord, and renovating homes helps us keep our Buyers

out of trouble and over-priced property.




We are a Single Agency Company and avoid Dual Agency,

as we do not believe we can represent two parties equally in

the same transaction. A Designated Agent is nothing more

than a neutral Transaction Broker. This mainly benefits the

Real Estate Broker whose company eats on both sides of the pie.

Ready to Take the Plunge?


Diving into the Real Estate Market?

Give us a call when you’re ready…



We travel. We have a life, and we hope you do too. If we are busy or out of town,

we have professional relationships with other agents who will back us up with our responsibilities.

We remain connected throughout the entire process by phone, text, and email.


Interested in Joining Our Team?

We will hold your license, help train you, and reduce your expenses. Work from home part time or

full time; perfect for retirees. We can help you locate and negotiate creative Real Estate opportunities.

If you enjoy real estate and have a sincere desire to help people we can help you build your business.









Agency Relationships

What choice makes sense for you?


Single Agency

Exclusive representation of only one party in a transaction.


Dual Agency

A Real Estate Broker usually through an agent represents both sides in a transaction. (How can that be fair?)


Designated Agency

A Broker is allowed to represent both parties in a single transaction.


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